Thursday, May 31, 2012

barbers, i hate

this must be the zillionth time that i mention how i dislike the barber shops. i just hate to sit at that chair more than 15 minutes, and recently i actually started to phsyically (or rather, psychologicaly) feel uncomfortable. i just want to get out of there as soon as very possible. so it is very important for me to find a barber who is fast at doing his job. amazingly, it is harder than you would imagine.

and of course, the slow handed barber also means you will have to wait some extra time before it is your turn for an hair cut. and today, i just cant believe i waited for almost 45 minutes before it came to my mind that i can leave the place. so i just told the guy that i would come later, which was not true of course, and left the place, and found another barber shop, and luckily had my cut in 20 minutes which is not that bad actually. considering all that workload i have, it is an unbelievable waste of time that i killed 45 stupid minutes in the first barber shop. and think about it, the barber was busy with only one single customer all the time which simply suggested that i would have to sit at that chair more than 30 minutes at best.

this new guy seems like a decent barber, but unfortunately i will move to another place so most probably i wont go to his shop again.


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